Rina Ferrarelli, Poet and Translator

Thanks to my sister, my mom has a working website again: www.rinaferrarelli.com.  Actually, the new site has been up for a couple of months, but I just got around to updating my sidebar links.  I thought I’d throw her some link love from the main page as well.

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Caterina Provost-Smith — Artist

My sister Rina is an artist and painter. She’s put her work from the last 10 years online at www.caterina.us. It’s all great, but I especially like the “place” series. The site is still evolving. She has a new watercolor series in progress, and she’ll be adding an art blog soon.

Minimal Porn

Filter masks as fashion accessories

I saw my first person wearing a filter mask in public in Austin today, presumably in response to SARS. It was the cashier at parking garage 1 on UT campus. It was strange and kind of surprising: she was wearing a bright blue, close-fitting mask. Are we entering kind of truth-is-stranger-than-fiction era where it’s normal for ordinary people to wear filter masks when going out in public? If so, how long before designer masks appear? And when they do, what form will they take? Will it be simple color schemes to match clothing? Or will they be more like hockey goalie masks?

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