Rina Ferrarelli, Poet and Translator

Thanks to my sister, my mom has a working website again: www.rinaferrarelli.com.  Actually, the new site has been up for a couple of months, but I just got around to updating my sidebar links.  I thought I’d throw her some link love from the main page as well.

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One Response to “Rina Ferrarelli, Poet and Translator”

  1. Carol Moscar (Mascaro) Says:

    Rina: Just a note to ask if you are related to our Aunt Rosa Mascaro married to Francesco Ferrarelli, living in San Giovanni in Fiore, It. Their children, Luigi, Giovanni, Teresina, Pasqualina and Caterina. Interestingly, I read some of your material on line and found that you live in Pittsburgh. We live in Clarksburg, WV, approx. 2 1/2 hours south of Pittsburgh. We have a strong community of Italians from St. John’s, and a Labor Day Festival. Just curious. hope to hear from you. Thanks, Carol

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