Good machine learning and AI lectures

A while back I posted about SciVee, a site for posting videos of science presentations. Today my old neural-networks labmate Tal Tversky commented pointing me at VideoLectures, a similar site containing academic lectures.  Although the site doesn’t seem to be explicitly intended for any one topic, the page of “top” lectures is dominated by talks in statistical machine learning.  Skimming the page, I noticed talks by such notable names as Tom Mitchell (chair of CMU’s machine learning department), Usama Fayyad (former VP of Research and “chief data officer” at Yahoo), Michael Jordan (UC Berkeley), and William Cohen (CMU).  Lots more, too.

In addition to ML and AI stuff, there are also talks by Tim Berners-Lee and Umberto Eco on the “Top Lectures” page.


Subramanian Ramamoorthy blogging on AI ‘n’stuff

My old UTexas Qualitative Reason & Intelligent Robotics Labmate Subramanian “Ram” Ramamoorthy is blogging now as a lecturer (i.e. assistant prof) at the University of Edinburgh.  He is the second former labmate of mine to end up there.  (The first is former NNRG labmate Jim Bednar.)

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Bellevue, WA: Just like back home, only not really.

In moving to Seattle Laura and I put a lot of effort into finding a great place to live.   We wanted a place that was suitable for living with a small child and an active dog — I.e. a house with a yard, in an area with good schools, but with a short commute to my office in downtown Seattle.  Luckily, we were spared the choice of buying vs. renting, because sale prices for single family homes in much of the Seattle area are preposterously high, but rents are still (barely) within reach for us.   We also had the advantage of some time to shop around thanks to a month of temporary housing in my relocation package.  We ended up in Bellevue, WA.  More about it below the jump… Read the rest of this entry »

Rina Ferrarelli, Poet and Translator

Thanks to my sister, my mom has a working website again:  Actually, the new site has been up for a couple of months, but I just got around to updating my sidebar links.  I thought I’d throw her some link love from the main page as well.

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