Random things to love about Seattle

We’ve only been in Seattle for a few days, but so far my impressions have been almost entirely positive. Here are a bunch of random things I love so far:

  • Mt. Rainier in the evening sunlight.
  • I’ve seen more Priuses and Smart Cars here in five days than I’ve seen in Pittsburgh in the last two years (anywhere, ever, really).
  • HOV lanes on every freeway.
  • Marymoor Park.
  • Average people who use the internet, and assume that you do to.
  • The mountains and the sea, together
  • Chowder at Ivar’s. (had it today… confirming that I am in fact in Seattle. Keep Clam!)
  • The Space Needle at night.
  • Great coffee everywhere.
  • The nation’s strictest smoking ban passed statewide here in a voter referendum, winning a majority of voters in every county
  • Express buses with WiFi.
  • The transit tunnel.  A subway for busses.
  • Uwajimaya grocery.  Across the street from my office.



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