Okay, now what?

I successfully defended my dissertation last week. It’s been filed and acknowledged by the graduate school, meaning I can finally end my self-imposed blogging hiatus. The big question now is, where do I want this blog to go, if anywhere? I started this blog as a way to entertain myself during the rush leading up to my dissertation proposal. Now, though, I don’t think I want to continue with a relatively unfocused “whatever Jeff happens to be thinking” style. So the question is what to do with this blog? Continue it, but refocus it more professionally? Or just end it and start something new — I’m thinking of something, roughly in the intersection of robots.net, Machine Learning (Theory), and Neurodudes. On the other hand, I could ask to contribute to those blogs, if they’ll have me, and keep my own blog for random thoughts on other topics — though maybe I’ll rename it to something a little less narcissistic. ;-) One advantage to starting a more focussed professional blog is that I can invite colleagues to be contributors, amplifying all our voices.

In any case, I’m really thinking of moving off of typepad to some kind of free hosting. The problem is that I hate most of the free hosting sites. I mean, threaded comments were perfected on Usenet 20 years ago, and every free community site in the world has them, but blogger still doesn’t have them? I’m thinking maybe wordpress.com is the way to go. No hosting fees, and lots of configuration options.

Anyway, if anyone is still reading this, I wouldn’t mind hearing thoughts…


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