Back in the 412

So, for those who don’t already know, Laura, Maggie, and I moved back to Pittsburgh from Austin 6 weeks ago. Laura has a new job here, and I’ve been writing the final chapters of my dissertation and looking for a job. [I’ve been meaning to blog about it for a while, and I was most recently reminded to when TypePad asked me to update my credit card info (with my new address) so they could keep billing me. I figured if I’m going to keep paying for this blog, I should post to it at least once a year.]

It’s been nice being back, nicer than I expected in many ways, but there were some interesting and unexpected contrasts with Austin (other than the weather). I’ll try and post about them in more detail, but here are a couple quick notes (hopefully to remind me for later):

  • The people are really friendly to strangers here. In Austin, we barely had any contact with our neighbors in any of the places where we lived. Here we met our neighbors from both sides and across the street on the day we moved in. It’s also much easier to strike up a conversation with a random stranger in line at the store, or whatever.
  • So much smoking! I can’t believe how many smokers there are here, and how much public smoking there is. This is something we noticed even coming back for xmas before the Austin smoking ordinance was enacted.
  • What’s with Pittsburgh’s inferiority complex? Like PIttsburghers, long-time Austinites often have an irrational love for their city, but it’s hard to imagine the Sienna Miller thing taking up so much news time there.
  • I’d forgotten how pretty the fall colors are here!

I’m sure I’ll think of more. Hopefully, I’ll find more time to blog, though it’s been pretty hard, with everything else going on.

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