Honda Asimo Running

Keeping up with previous news about Sony’s QRIO robot running, Honda has programmed Asimo to run. The running gait looks very similar to the QRIO running gait. The good thing is that we’re finally seeing a news article where a roboticist admits that the complex motions that we’re seeing are not very intelligent.

But many hurdles remain in the way of developing such robots. “The big thing we’re still missing is real-time adaptability” to changing conditions, such as slopes, obstacles or carrying a load, says Sethu Vijayakumar, a robotics researcher at University of Edinburgh, UK. “We’re still relatively far away in terms of robustness, control and sensing.”

Robert Richardson, at Manchester University, UK, adds that robots are currently limited in so many ways in terms of usefulness that making them run is not really the top priority. “In the short term it’s not that useful,” he told New Scientist. “But in the long term it has to be done.”

Here is a link to the movie of Asimo running.

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