Google’s GMail + Orkut = Automatic Spam Whitelist?

A couple months ago, Nature had an article on using social networks to filter spam. The basic idea is that people tend to send mail to people whom they know, and the system could induce users’ social networks from message headers, and detect spam because the messages aren’t sent within a social network. If you’ve already got social network software and email, why bother inducing the social network? Why not just integrate the two, and make an automatic spam whitelist? Google is in a position to do just that, with GMail, its impending free email service, and Orkut, its social network software. That might actually give me a reason to join Orkut.

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6 Responses to “Google’s GMail + Orkut = Automatic Spam Whitelist?”

  1. Nancy McGough Says:

    Hello Jefferson, I agree that whitelisting/greenlisting is a key part of solving the spam problem, but I don’t think we need an external non-email system like Orkut to do it. Instead we need something like LOAF

    which uses your addressbook (and the addressbooks of your correspondents, if you like) to automatically greenlist your correspondents (and your correspondents’ correspondents). I’ve written some about this here:

    I’m happy to see Google pushing the email envelope!

    ex UT (Math)

  2. Elliot Lee Says:

    It’s an interesting idea to integrate the email service and social network – I don’t think it’s ever been done before. But as for me, I don’t have any spam problem yet.

  3. ds Says:

    someone plz invite me to gmail my email is

  4. Richard Soderberg Says:

    I’ve integrated SpamAssassin and Orkut using Procmail with a little program I call “Filster”. You’re welcome to check out it; it’s on my site and Google. It’s not expected to stop there.

  5. yousef Says:

    orkut filter?

  6. Saurabh Nidhi Says:

    I am saurabh Nidhi.
    I have a gmail account,
    I had an orkut account Saurabh Nidhi with the refrance to ( gmail.

    But by mistake I delete that orkut account. and now orkut is not attached with my gmail account.

    But now i want to add same (Saurabh Nidhi) orkut account to my same ( gmail account, is it possible???

    please send help me if u can,
    send me reply on my gmail ID (

    Thanks & regards
    Saurabh Nidhi

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