Honda Asimo Robot Video

My favorite ai-will-lead-to-economic-doom pundit, Marshall Brain, has a cool video of Honda’s Asimo robot performing in Raleigh. He notes how “eerily anthropomorphic” the robot is. That’s the whole point of androids, of course. But the power of anthropomorphism is really evident in the video. The power of humanoids is all tied up with the irony of this anthropomorphism: The robot in the video is basically just performing a pre-programmed sequence of actions. It doesn’t see the audience when it turns its head or waves at them and it probably doesn’t even see the woman in front of it as it mimics her. Yet it really looks like it must be thinking and perceiving like a person.

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3 Responses to “Honda Asimo Robot Video”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Those were rather ignorant things to say. As it happens, Asimo does not follow scripts. There are no preprogrammed chains of sequences. Asimo can actually mimic. I believe that the bulk of Honda’s project was designing a humanoid robot that was capable of seeing, hearing, and reacting to stimuli.
    Just thought I would add my two cents.

  2. Mike Says:

    Asimo’s ability to mimic is preprogrammed; Asimo can not correlate human motions to its own body. It appears to be mimicing only because it can recognize some human gestures, and then perform its own pre-programmed versions or responses. It looks so fluid because the actions are mixed in to its dynamic balance – it is not following it’s script exactly, but adapting it for the situation and terrain.

    I’ve seen Asimo perform the same complex gestures (like the silly arm dance) repeatedly, and it was deliberately queued into the show. Asimo most certainly does not exhibit spontanaeity; any unpredictable behavior would affect public perception, and consequently, the funding.

    The areas of AI that you can be sure are more genuine are in pathfinding, balancing, speech recognition and visual recognition.

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