Sony’s QRIO humanoid robot

Sony has launched QRIO (pronounced “curio”), their humanoid robot, cousin of AIBO, the robot dog. In addition to bipedal walking, it has stereo vision and hearing, as well as (supposedly) the ability to recognize faces and voices. It’s motion capabilities look impressive. I’m very curious to see its perception and cognition abilities firsthand. While I’m sure it’s far below Cmdr. Data, I’ll bet it’s far beyond any toy anyone has ever seen before. Another step in the slow rise of A.I.

It will be interesting to see how people react to this robot given its humanoid appearance, and particularly it’s two eyes. Anthropomorphism is a powerful factor in the perception of intelligence. When I first visited the UT Intelligent Robotics Lab as a prospective Ph.D. student, they had a visual-tracking demo running on the lab’s intelligent wheelchair, Vulcan, that would follow a moving object by rotating the chair’s two “eyes”, or the entire chair if the object moved to far from the centerline. Seeing two eyes fixating, and the “body” moving face the center of attention gave an astonishing and enduring illusion of cognition, even when I knew that the behavior was driven by a simple (though well-written) reactive algorithm.

Update: See QRIO run!

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8 Responses to “Sony’s QRIO humanoid robot”

  1. bLOGical Says:

    Sony’s QRIO humanoid robot.

    Sony’s QRIO humanoid robot .

  2. Mika77Home Says:

    Sonys Roboter lernt laufen, tanzen, werfen und hüpfen

    Sony hat jetzt neben Honda auch einen neuen humanoiden Roboter fertiggestellt, der sogar tanzen und hüpfen und schnell gehen kann, und was kann der deutsche humanoide Roboter?…

  3. Gogo Says:

    More about QRIO – you should visit !

  4. Darin J. Manley Says:

    Hello, My name is Darin Manley and I was checking out the Qrio on sony’s web site and I had watched a few of there clips I wanted to know where I Could find the price for one of them, or would you happen to know the price..?

    Thank you…!

  5. Willie Singleton Says:

    I saw the ORIO site on Sony. Where can i buy him and what is rthe price?

  6. Sam Jones Says:

    So, do you know QRIO’s price, and where I could get him? I’ve been trying to figure out for 3 years.

  7. .... Says:

    I’ve been looking at the sites of QRIO and i was wondering what the price was?!?

  8. zach Says:

    hello the price for one is about $18000 but im sorry i dont know how to get him though or where you dont have to email me im just telling you have fun looking for how to find him and good luck i hope you find it

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