Matt MacMahon on Grace the Robot at FAI

I’ve already mentioned my pictures of Grace, the robot from last summer’s AAAI conference. Matt MacMahon, an ECE student working in the UT Intelligent Robotics Lab worked on the Grace project. He’ll be speaking at the Forum for Artificial Intelligence next Friday, 3/28. Here’s his abstract:

Grace is a mobile robot created by researchers from Carnegie Mellon, the Naval Research Lab, Metrica TRACLabs, Northwestern University and Swarthmore College to attempt the AAAI Robot Challenge. The Challenge task is for a robot to attend the AAAI National Conference on Artificial Intelligence as a participant: the robot must find the registration booth and register, interacting with people as needed, then find its way using a map to a location in time to give a technical talk on itself. The Challenge was designed to raise the bar for robot participation in a natural human environment, to stimulate robotics research, and to educate the public about the excitement and difficulties of intelligent robotics research.

Grace was the only robot to attempt the full Challenge at last summer’s AAAI Conference. Grace achieved all major tasks, but left much room for improvement. This talk will discuss the AAAI Robot Challenge, Grace’s engineering, her Challenge run, and the public and press attention she gained. The talk will focus on the implementation of each of the Challenge tasks, what worked for Grace’s run, and what did not work.


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